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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Niamh's Story

What a very exciting week.........

1st September
Niamh is getting used to the early morning starts.. When a child has a bad flare up it is very hard on everyone. Niamh has to get up half an hour before Caoimhe to have a warm bath and do her exercises. As she has stopped her naproxen her knees are really getting stiff and painful. I was hoping the meth inj alone would keep arthritis at bay..but it doesn't look like it..We are all so upset because Niamh was doing so well..

2nd September
Niamh is having a good day today and is in great form. We go swimming after school and Niamh is so good at doing her exercises twice a day.

3rd September

How exciting we head to Dublin when Declan gets in from work as Niamh is on television in the morn talking about arthritis. We have to stop every half hour as Niamh needs to get out and stretch her knees. We hardly sleep as we all excited...

4th September

We have an early start 6.30am so Niamh has a long soak in bath does her exercises and off we go... We are delighted to meet John and Sarah from Arthritis Ireland and Niamh was a star...she was dying to talk more about her arthritis ..We head home after breakfast and Niamh gets loads of calls from her friends..Niamh has inj at 4.30pm and heads for a swim

5th September

Niamh has another exciting day u12 camoige team in cahir playing in county final Niamh on panel doesn't get to play but they win so everyone delighted.. We have a bad evening as Niamh in pain she and we spend a while crying together it does I beleive help to get frustration out..I feel so helpless.. I so wish it was me in pain not an inocent 10 yr old...

6th September
Niamh spends Sunday on couch as she in to much pain to do anything..

7th september

Niamh doesn't want to get out of bed as her knees too sore and she gets very upset.. I help her out and lift her into bath with Declan's help. She is very siff today and
we late for school..her friends are waiting to hear all about her television debut.. but they know by Niamh's tears she is having a bad day and they take her bag and hug her..

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