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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Niamh Costello's Story

Thursday October 22nd

Niamh jumped out of bed looking forward to her week ahead as you can guess Niamh in great form..What a great feeling to have when Niamh comes into our bedroom smiling.. She has done her physio routine put on her muscle rub and is ready for breakfast and her medication. When she comes in from school we go for a swim and Niamh just loves it..

Niamh in great from she goes swimming with her school and tells me she was in a relay race and loved it..I later get a phonecall from another child's mother to tell me Niamh was upset at swimming today as the team she was picked to be in complained they didn't want Niamh on their team as Niamh had arthritis and would slow them down.. I am really mad but I decide not to say anything to Niamh she has had a course of counselling to deal with any negative feelings so I feel it best I leave her to stand up for herself she is 10 and will come up against children who don't understand again and agian..

Niamh doin great today and goes into school to see an article she did for irish exaiminer posted up in all school rooms.. The principal had organised it.I get a phonecall from another parent woth arthritis having a tough time at the moment and we share our worries..

I was on local radio a few weeks back talking about arthritis and I get a phonecall from a guy selling a product called juice plus. he says it will help to boost immune system.. I come offf the call and have a good cry I find it upsetting to read and hear of all these cures!!! I know they work for some people but I have tries a hell of a lot of things and nothing as good as the Meth. yet.. The reason I feel upset is the fact I feel I have to try these things... I owe it to Niamh to try...Niamh heading to her physio today she looking forward to it because she will be able to push herself today as she pain free...


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