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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Niamh Costello's Story

Hi my name is Wendy Costello and my blog is all about my beautiful daughter Niamh. She is now 10 but all our lives changed when Niamh was diagnosed with Juvenile Arhrits at 3yrs. We had no Dr Killeen then. We went to see Dr Monaghan in Crumlin who diagnosed her but her on steroids and then locally injected her 1 joint affected, her left knee. We got on with life as Niamh totally went into remisson for 4 yrs............ We thought that was it until that day sitting in the japanese gardens in Kildare when Niamh said Mum my knee hurts.. Back to crumlin to meet Dr Killeen. Usual treatment.... steroids,nurofen then local injection none of which was working this time. It then spread to right knee at this stage Niamh was a very sore and frightened girl. her whole life was turned upside down. Camoige stopped. Physio started I was now looking up internet for help . ringing arthritis Ireland and meeting parents in crumlin for any sort of advice on things....Niamh went through terrible pain I couldn't see her knees they were so swollen she spent her time in a wheelchair it was too hard to walk anywhere. before Dr Killeen went on maternity leave last year I begged her to put her on methetrexate as she had zero quality of life. So she started on meth tablets a year ago and naproxen. We then met Prof Duffy who quickly put ger on inj as tablets not workin and slowly Niamh started to feel better. Her swimming and physio had to srart full belt now she was most days pain free..Her muscles were deflated in her legs due to lack of exercise we had a hard road ahead of us..We were up with Dr Killeen 4 wks ago she took Niamh off naproxen and put her on feldene Niamh had a severe reaction to this and came out in water blisters on her face. She has had a terrible flare up since coming off naproxen. Dr killeen on hols now so I awaiting her return to see next step>>>Isn't it mad only 1 person in Ireland can make theses decisions>......My doctor afraid to intervene in any of Niamh's medication..

Tuesday 18th August
Niamh woke up at 8am a little stiff and sore does her exercise routine this takes 30 mins her sister Caoimhe 5yrs joins in...
Takes a losamel before bfast and a folic acid and naproxen after
Niamh heads to swimming pool whick is 12 miles from us and has a swim for 45 mins
She takes a rest for afternoon
That is us up to date.... Talk soon


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